A Royal Python Christmas: The Reptili Gift Guide

Sprinkle some Christmas magic for your Royal Python with our festive selection! Find the perfect vivarium upgrades, cosy hideouts, and basking bulbs to make their holiday season as regal as they are. It's the warmest, brightest way to say "Happy Holidays" to your slithery companion. 🎄🐍💡

A Royal Python Christmas: The Reptili Gift Guide

Make this holiday season unforgettable for Royal Python enthusiasts with our comprehensive selection of Christmas gifts & stocking fillers. From cosy starter homes to luxurious python palaces, our housing options cater to every stage of your snake's life.

Christmas presents



For the Budding Python Pals:

  • HabiStat Terrarium (24 x 15 x 8”): Priced at a welcoming £76.61, this terrarium is an ideal hatchling's holiday haven.

HabiStat Terrainium

Growing Python Retreats:

  • HabiStat Standard Vivarium (24 x 18 x 18”): As your python matures, offer them more room for £89.92.
  • HabiStat Standard Vivarium (36 x 24 x 24” & 48 x 24 x 24”): Priced at £137.89 and £170.55 respectively, these spacious habitats make for a grand Christmas morning surprise.

HabiStat Standard Vivarium


A Bed of Comfort and Joy:

Arcadia Earth Mix, Arid


Heat: The Gift That Keeps on Giving:


Let There Be Light:


Secret Santa Hides and Enrichment:


The Feast of Serpents:

  • Royal Python Dining: Stock up on the main course of rodents and add some variety with poultry, ensuring your python’s diet remains as royal as its title. Check out our frozen range here


Versatile Gifting with Reptili Gift Cards

For the loved one who has everything, or when the choice is just too tough, why not give the gift of choice? Our Reptili Gift Cards are the perfect stocking stuffer, available in £10, £25, £50, and £100 denominations. They're an ideal way to ensure your loved ones can select exactly what their scaly pal desires. Bring joy to a reptile lover's world with the gift that opens up a universe of possibilities.


With every item thoughtfully selected to enhance the life of a Royal Python, our Christmas guide is your ticket to a holiday that's merry, bright, and utterly unforgettable for both the snake aficionados and their cherished pets. 🎄🐍💝


Snake on gift box in red Christmas hat.

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