The Reptili Christmas Shopping Guide for Bearded Dragon Lovers!

Dragon-tastic Christmas Delights!
Dive into our festive guide filled with treasures for bearded dragon lovers. Gift more than just presents – share a scaly enchantment this holiday season!

The Reptili Christmas Shopping Guide for Bearded Dragon Lovers!

Ho! Ho! Ho! 🎅

Whether you're a proud bearded dragon owner or shopping for a dear one who’s a dragon enthusiast, we've got the perfect Christmas gifts lined up for you! Dive into our specially curated list of products to bring joy to every bearded dragon lover this festive season.

Bearded Dragon with christmas balls

🎁 Dreamy Dragon Dwellings 🎁

  • HabiStat Standard Vivarium (48 x 24 x 24 inches)
  • The perfect spacious home for a bearded dragon to frolic and play.
  • Priced at a merry £170.55.

HabiStat Standard Vivarium

🎁 All-In-One Starter Kits 🎁


🎁 Warm Winter Sun for Your Dragon 🎁



bearded dragon on a new year branch with a pine cone and berries



🎁 The Gift of Light! 🎁

  • Arcadia Pro T5 Kit
  • Ensures your dragon gets essential UVB rays for a healthy and happy life! Brighten up their Christmas for £28.09.



🎁 Soft and Cozy Substrates 🎁






🎁 Deck the Halls of the Dragon Lair! 🎁


🎁 Boost Their Health with Premium Supplements 🎁

Arcadia Earth Pro Dragon Fuel (125g)

🎁 Scrumptious Live Food Delights 🎁

Dragons adore a tasty treat, especially when it's wriggling! From hatchlings to grand old dragons, live insects are always a hit.


Easy-Peasy Subscription Service

Keep the feasting going all year round with our easy subscription service. Delicious dragon delights delivered right to your door!


Reptili Live Food Postage Packs


Indulge your dragon this Christmas with our nutritious range. From health-boosting supplements to delectable live food treats, we've got everything to make your dragon's festivities joyfully delicious! 🐉🎅🍽️

🎁 Clean & Care 🎁


Versatile Gifting with Reptili Gift Cards

For the loved one who has everything, or when the choice is just too tough, why not give the gift of choice? Our Reptili Gift Cards are the perfect stocking stuffer, available in £10, £25, £50, and £100 denominations. They're an ideal way to ensure your loved ones can select exactly what their scaly pal desires. Bring joy to a reptile lover's world with the gift that opens up a universe of possibilities.


Remember, the magic of Christmas is not just in the presents, but in the joy we bring to our scaly friends! Whether setting up a new dragon kingdom or adding festive flair to an existing one, we've got everything to make this Christmas dragon-tastic! 🐉🎄🌟

Christmas presents

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