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30 Wide 208-240V 4-Zone Induction Cooktop

30 Wide 208-240V 4-Zone Induction Cooktop

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Enjoy the ease, speed, and safety of induction cooking with Summits selection of energy efficient induction cooktops. The SINC4B302W is a 4-zone induction cooktop designed for use with 208-240V power sources. It comes in a popular 30 width that fits commonly sized 29 1/2 W x 19 5/8 D cutouts. This unit requires professional installation (cord not included). Smooth white glass made by EuroKera creates an attractive, easy-to-clean surface. The front left and rear right elements are sized at 8 1/4 and operate at 2000W, ideal for boiling large pots of water or cooking with woks and other large cookware. The rear left and front right 1500W elements are sized at 6 1/4. The smart burner layout helps provide plenty of room so that larger cooking vessels are spaced apart, making it easier to use all four elements without cookware colliding. Centered upfront for convenient use, the touch controls allow intuitive operation, with a slider control panel that makes it easy to adjust your heat. The digital display shows which elements are in use and their power setting. Audible beeps sound when the touch controls are activated. This cooktop is equipped with a child lock that allows you to disable the controls to prevent unintended heating. A stop & go function allows you to immediately turn both zones off if needed, with the last settings resuming when reactivated. This unit also includes a timer function that lets you program a power level and cook time (up to 99 minutes) that can either turn the unit off when complete, or serve as a visual countdown with an audible alert when the set time has been reached. Safety features include automatic shutdown, overheat protection, and overflow protection, which will temporarily disable the power if boiling liquid touches the control panel. With its ideal size and advanced safety features, the SINC4B302W is the perfect cooktop to ensure intuitive, safe cooking in a variety of small kitchen settings. For this unit in a black finish, see the SINC4B301B. Additional choices are in smaller and larger sizes, as well as radiant and coil styles. Browse the full Summit line for more options. NOTE: Induction cooling utilizes magnetized energy that starts inside the cookware, meaning the temperature of the actual cooktop surface does not get nearly as hot as traditional gas or electric elements. Most of the heat is retained inside your cookware, making induction technology the most efficient heating method for your kitchen. Because induction cooking requires magnetic energy, your cookware must be made of cast iron, steel, or magnetic stainless steel. Materials that will not work include aluminum, copper, and non-magnetic stainless steel. Many of your current pots and pans may already be induction-friendly. In order to determine if your cookware will work on an induction surface, simply place a magnet (such as one hanging on your refrigerator) on the bottom of the pan. If the magnet sticks, the pan will cook. Summit also offers an induction cookware set for purchase.

Manufacturer:Summit Appliance
Manufacturer Part Number:SINC4B302W
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