Arcadia Compact Lighting Unit



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Arcadia Compact Lighting Unit

The Arcadia Compact Lighting Unit is a high quality ceramic lamp holder and flood reflector ideal for use inside of vivariums or when rested over a mesh. This will direct 100% of all usable heat or UVB to the area below where the unit is situated.

The fitting has swivel arms and can be focussed properly onto a basking area. 

This fitting can be secured either by screwing it into the top of a vivarium, placing over the top of a mesh topped vivarium or by being securely bolted onto a suitable bird cage. 

It is important that animals that are supplied with artificial lighting products have the ability to find shade. This is essential to the D3 cycle. Light sources should be fitted above the animals head height to reduce glare risk and should light a portion of the living space so that areas of light and shade can be found. The basking spot for most species or reptile, amphibian and bird when using Arcadia branded lamps is 12-15" from the lamp to the animals head. 

This clever and easy to use fitting includes a removable safety mesh and rotating arms which also allows the safe fitting of the unit to suitable bird cages.

Suitable for 20w PureSun-Compact Bird Lamp, 23w D3 6% UV-B and D3+ 12% UV-B Arcadia Reptile compact lamps.

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