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  • Arcadia Earth Pro-A

Arcadia Earth Pro-A



- Natural vitamin supplement
- Contains carotenoid as a source of vitamin A
- Suitable for all species

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Arcadia Earth Pro-A

Arcadia Reptile EarthPro-A is a blend of  natural full-spectrum minerals and vitamins, which have been made into a powder that has been designed for modern care and can be used at almost every feed and for all species of reptile. The powder can be given to reptiles either as a food supplement or as part of their regular diet. Reptiles need a variety of vitamins and minerals to maintain their health, and this product provides them with a comprehensive blend of these essential nutrients.

EarthPro-A contains high levels of natural vitamins and minerals. High-grade calcium is added within the powder to promote optimum bone health. Being a clay based supplement powder it adds a great level of adhesion to both plants and insects, ensuring less waste and higher ingestion.

Available in resealable pouches: 100g and 350g pouches.

Limestone Flour 60%, Mineral Clay 26.5%, Protein Powder (Vegetable) 10%, Carrot Powder 1.75%, Dunaliella salina 1%, Vitamin B Premix 0.5%, Bee Pollen 0.25%.

Nutritional Information:
8% protein, <1% crude fibre, <1% crude oils and fats, 2.30% crude ash, <8% moisture.

Feeding Instructions:
EarthPro-A is a full-spectrum all-natural mineral and vitamin mix that can be used at every feed or within the EarthPro feeding programme.

Depending on the size of feed between 1-5g of powder can be added to the feeder insects, plants or defrosted whole feeders.

Dust feed insects or sprinkle on to greens and give to animal straight away.

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