• Arcadia Earth Pro Custodian Fuel, 80g
  • Arcadia Earth Pro Custodian Fuel, 80g

Arcadia Earth Pro Custodian Fuel, 80g



- Natural and plant based ingredients
- Includes vitamins, minerals as well as known superfoods for inverts
- 80g sealable, lay flat, stand up and hang up pouch
- Uses ground breaking science to formulate a balanced and potent custodian food
- Contains Calcium and spirulina to maximise nutrition

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Arcadia Earth Pro Custodian Fuel, 80g

Arcadia Reptile EarthPro-Custodian Fuel is a unique, easy to use, pelleted full-spectrum diet for custodians such as springtails and other Custodians including isopods and roaches. By feeding custodians it encourages them to multiply and become a source of positive nutrition themselves to further pass onto other species.

Custodians are important within an enclosure, they are used to clean up waste from within the enclosure. However, they cannot break down everything, so as owners you still need to check for faeces and uneaten food, the frequency of the checks will ultimately depend of the size of the species inhabiting the enclosure, but overall, custodians can be a great help in the break down of organic matter within your enclosure so keeping them healthy is in your best interest. 

Custodians also act as a food source for the bigger inhabitants of an enclosure. When consumed custodians become a welcome addition to a varied reptile or amphibian diet. As such, CustodianFuel can also be thought of as a gutloading food, as it will boost the nutritious quality of these invertebrates and further enhance the nutrition passed over to larger species.

Made in the UK to the highest standard CustodianFuel has been designed to both feed and allow the reproduction of bioactive clean up crew.

Limestone Flour 25%, Wheat Flour 25%, Naked Oat Flour 21.5%, Brewers Yeast 20%, Carrot Powder 4.5%, Green Pea Powder 2.5%, Mushroom Powder 0.5%, Spirulina 0.5%, Binder 0.5%.

Nutritional Information:
13% protein, 4% crude fibre, 3% crude oils and fats, 2.10% crude ash, <8% moisture.

Feeding Instructions:
Press the pellets into the substrate until covered with one pellet every 1-2" over the feeding area. Repeat every 2 weeks or as required per system.

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