• Pachnoda Grub, Tub, Approx 10
  • Pachnoda Grub, Tub, Approx 10

Pachnoda Grub, Tub, Approx 10



- Soft-bodied larvae stage of the fruit beetle Pachnoda marginata
- 25-35mm long
- Pack of 10

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Pachnoda Grub, Tub, Approx 10

Feeding Pachnoda Marginata larvae to your reptile will help ensure a well-rounded diet but, due to their high fat content, should be considered a treat food only. They are soft-bodied, and range in size from 25-35mm long.

Ideal as part of a diet to ensure that your reptile gets all the nutrients they need.

Loved by Lizards, Invertebrates, Amphibians, Arachnids, insect eating birds.
Pachnoda Grubs are easy to care for and a great source of food for your reptile. Keep at a regular temperature of approximately 60-65F (15-18C) and away from bright light. These are fully gut loaded before packing, and do not need an additional food source, however, they will consume fruit, a slice of potato, or bell pepper if given the opportunity. Keeping the soil damp is essential via a light spray if needed. Proper supplementation should be given prior to feeding to your animal to ensure maximal nutrition.

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