• Vetark Tamodine E
  • Vetark Tamodine E
  • Vetark Tamodine E

Vetark Tamodine E



- General purpose Disinfectant
- Suitable for cleaning enclosures and equipment
- Professional grade cleaner
- Use different concentrations for different purposes

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Vetark Tamodine E

Vetark Tamodine E is an iodophore disinfectant, suitable for general purpose vivarium disinfection. It can also be used in veterinary surgeries, hospitals, schools, catering establishments, shops, and other public and industrial premises as a general purpose disinfectant. It has the benefit of having a built-in colour-marker, which means the user can see where they have treated, and also when they have washed it off. In a made up solution for dips, washes, footbaths etc it loses its colour when it becomes inactive.

Available in 250ml and 1 Litre.

Directions for use:
Walls, floors and other surfaces: Wash with a solution of 45ml in 10 litres of water. Use 90ml in 10 litres of water for porous or heavily soiled surfaces.
Dishes, utensils, snake hooks etc: Wash in a solution of 30-45ml in 10 litres of warm water. For sanitising rinse only, immerse for at least two minutes in a solution of 15ml in 10 litres of water.
Hand dips: For personnel handling food, etc use 15-30ml in 10 litres of water. In animal accommodation or on dishes wipe off, or rinse off the Tamodine-E after cleaning before use.
Do not use for amphibian as they can absorb chemicals through their skins and it may harm them.

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